Siatista of the education

 Siatista people were always taking care of the Education either as benefactors by building and conservating  schools either as the local community that makes sure that its children have the best teachers of their epoch such as Methodios Anthrakitis, Michael Papageorgiou, Argyrios Paparizou...

The Trampantzeio high school is one of the oldest schools in Greece during the Turkish domination and today most of the educational institutes of the town have the characteristic name of their benefactors .

As a result of this concern Siatistians had always a distinct position in science and art:


G. Zaviras, (1744-1804):by his book book "New Greece" where he "...treasured valuable biographical information about past and contemporary people of the letters..."(extract from the book of  I. Apostolou, HISTORY OF SIATISTA) 

Dimitrios Dimitriou 1811-1872, Greek-Croatian poet, known as "the father of the Croatian theater",(extract from the book of  I. Apostolou, HISTORY OF SIATISTA)

Pouliou Markides,(brothers) "...who were the first after George Vendotis in Vienna who made typography and printed a lot of useful books..." (Zavira, "New Greece") 

George Roussis,, son of Mr. Zosimas, first episcope of Achrida and Episcope of Sisanio. ....His thoroughness, his wisdom and generally his spiritual superiority was well estimated in Patavios Academy  ...(extract from the book by Filippos Zygouris  Historic notes about Siatista that is under the edition procedure). 

Th. Manousis, first professor of History in the University of Athens, Konstantinos Zoupan doctor....


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