Siatista of economy and culture.

Siatista of the ware-salers, of the furs and the iliasto (sunny wine).

The presence of the city in the financial life is important especially during the 18th century until the beginning of the 19th century, when in the European countries the commercial of Siatista people was very successful.

The financial development was based mainly on the commercial of the merchant from Siatista firstly in Venice and secondly in the countries of Balkan and Middle west Europe.

The wealth they gained gave to the habitants the possibility to build in their motherland beautiful houses with obvious European influence, however adjusted to the local facts, houses made by Greek builders, houses that remained in history as mansion (= arhondika Arhondiko:a rich man's stately house), and also churches with wonderful frescos and icons .

The financial blooming of the 18th century will be followed by the bankruptcy of the merchant stores and the financial failure, when the European economic facts are dramatically changing.

However the city resists. The cultivation of the vineyards and the development of the art of fur are the favorite fields of Siatista people now.

Afterwards, at the beginning of the 20th century, many people from Siatista are leaving to America and Australia searching for a better luck.

Today the city attempts to find its place in the new financial landscape.

The vineyards and the fur keep being the main fields of financial activity, though with new technologies and prospect. At the same time the development of tourism gives hopes for better days.

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Siatista of vineyard and fur.

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