Siatista of the benefactors.


Siatista had the fortune of having a lot of benefactors. Only a small sample from their huge nominal catalogue can be identified at the names of several public buildings as:

 Trampatzeio High school, Koukoulideio cultural center, Tsistopouleio Town Hall house, Tzoneio Health center, Ioannideio nursery school, TEE "A. Tsipos",  Lyceum and Gymnasium: "G. Papageorgiou", "Nursery school K. Papanikolaou"...



High school

Koukoulideio cultural center

Tsistopouleio Town Hall

Tzoneio Health center

Ioannideio nursery school

TEE "A. Tsipos"

 Lyceum and Gymnasium:

"G. Papageorgiou"

"Nursery school          K. Papanikolaou"


Obviously there are a lot more who just stayed unknown.

 The man from Siatista who happened to obtain an economical comfort was and is always taking care of his motherland. He would compose his will very carefully so as to have an absolute and continuous realization of his desires. The formulation of the wills of the benefactors on the texts of the donors, shows that they had an absolute knowledge about the needs of their town and they resumed to give a solution. They formed legacies with clear operation orders.

And when the city's demands were huge, and one of them was not enough to sponsor, then they gathered to become the right one for the place and time. 

This is what happened during the 50', when the Metropolitan Jacob visited USA and the emigrants from Siatista made by a contribution the dream of Siatista's water supply come true. In the same time in the motherland, the natives, who were in financial difficulties, made their contribution by personal working with no payment.

The city, grateful for all the benefactions, honors the benefactors. In our days, the 30th of January, we honor the educators and the benefactors from Siatista with a memoriam in the church and receptions in schools.

We assume that with all those actions we can keep open the road to social offer, and also keep in memory and in our hearts all those who have helped our city, keep them thus alive, as according to the poet,

"The dead are really dying only when we forget them".


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