Theochare   G. Tourountzias 
was born in Siatista, but at the age of 22 years he was living in Austria as a trader. He met there Rigas Velestinlis (or Ferraios) when he was preparing a secret organization in order to prepare a Revolution for liberation of Greece (1797-98). Other Greeks too became members of the same group with enthusiasm.
Unfortunately for Rigas, Tourountzias and their  friends their attempt was betrayed, they were arrested by the Austrian Police. During the investigations Toutountzias confessed his deliberate and voluntary cooperation in that preparatory work for the liberation of Greece.
Austrian Police surrendered them to the Ottoman authorities in Belgrade, where they were condemned to death. So, Toutountzias was a victim for the preparation of the liberation of Greece, His martyrdom at the age of 23 (12-6-1798) became a symbol for imitation by the coming generation.